Captain Falcon

Captain Falcon

Age: 37. Gender: Male.

A formidable racer, Douglas Jay Falcon has a background in law enforcement with the Internova Police Force. He spends his time away from the track capturing criminals as a bounty hunter. Having a host of enemies throughout the galaxy, Captain Falcon takes refuge on a string of islands off the coast of Port Town, where he hones his racing skills on private race courses.

Ship: Blue Falcon Blue Falcon

Quotes: "Falcon PUNCH!", "Show me your moves!", "Yes!".

Relations: Blood Falcon (clone).

Captain Falcon large image.
Samurai Goroh

Samurai Goroh

Age: 45. Gender: Male.

A notorious bounty hunter in his own right, Samurai Goroh leads a crew of bandits that operate out of the Red Canyon. Often seen as an antagonist, Goroh appears hell-bent on cutting Captain Falcon down to size - be it in races or in hunting bounties. Rumor has it they were both in the Internova Police Force together in the distant past, but having been kicked out of the force Goroh turned to crime. In fact his ship itself, the Fire Stingray, is believed to be stolen.

Known for his brash behavior, Goroh has a huge physique to match his aggressive phrases and dangerous lifestyle. He wields a katana blade and in his free time he likes to gamble at casinos. There is also a long-running feud with his former friend and partner in crime Antonio Guster, who Goroh left to be captured by law enforcement officers. Goroh has had cameo appearances in Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. Brawl, where he is an Assist Trophy.

Ship: Fire Stingray Fire Stingray

Quotes: "Samurai Goroh is the best!", "I want to see the look on Falcon's face!".

Relations: Dai Goroh (son).

Samurai Goroh large image.
Dr. Stewart

Dr. Stewart

Age: 42. Gender: Male.

A former medical practitioner with excellent surgical skills, Dr. Robert Stewart became an F-Zero pilot after the death of his father Professor Kevin Stewart - the creator and original owner of the Golden Fox ship. In his younger days, Professor Stewart took part in underground races which were extremely dangerous, so he encouraged his son Robert into the much safer profession of being a Doctor. The Professor was killed during an F-Zero race under suspicious circumstances and it's unclear whether it was murder. After learning about this, Dr. Stewart streamlined the Golden Fox and took to the race track himself. Dr. Stewart is known as a friendly character and has a reputation for being a ladies man.

In an event described as a 'Huge Accident', Dr. Stewart's healing skills were called upon. Miraculously none of the racers died.

Ship: Golden Fox Golden Fox

Quotes: "The way I drive is an art form!", "Who else could possibly win?!".

Dr. Stewart large image.


Age: 124. Gender: Male.

An alien of ambiguous species and race, Pico is formerly a military man and was part of the Poripoto Army working on dangerous missions. Since retiring from duty, Pico opened a shop on the outskirts of the base, but is still active as a hitman. Pico has an aggressive, fearless style of racing and many people believe he was to blame for a major accident that ceased the F-Zero Grand Prix for a number of years. Because of this, he is not a crowd favorite.

Ship: Wild Goose Wild Goose

Quotes: "I collect knives... and they all cut very well!".

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Antonio Guster

Antonio Guster

Age: 36. Gender: Male.

Antonio Guster was once a bounty hunter and crime partner of Samurai Goroh, but since being betrayed Guster is desperate for revenge on Goroh. The two were close friends for three years, but on a bounty mission to capture Lord Kimbo they came upon a shanty town where Goroh deserted Guster and kept the bounty for himself. Guster was arrested by the Galactic Space Allies but managed to escape with the help of other prisoners. He now seeks to humiliate Goroh at every opportunity, especially on the F-Zero racing circuit. When he's not racing, Guster enjoys unarmed fighting with his gang, soccer and baseball. He also works part time as a bodyguard. Underneath the helmet his hairstyle is a gigantic mohawk.

Ship: Green Panther Green Panther

Quotes: "Look at me Goroh, I'm number one!", "This is just the beginning of my revenge, Goroh!".

Relations: Lisa Brilliant (sister).

Antonio Guster large image.
Mrs. Arrow

Mrs. Arrow

Age: 27. Gender: Female.

Mrs. Monique L'Amoreaux Arrow is a former beauty queen and circuit model, the first of her kind to turn into a professional F-Zero racer. She is also a forceful and dedicated wife to Super Arrow, helping him on the track and in their home life. Monique is an only child, brought up in a rich family. Her father was a well known businessman in the field of neuroplastics, while her mother was vice president of the Milky Way Federation. She met Super Arrow while recruiting new racers for the F-Zero Grand Prix.

Ship: Queen Meteor Queen Meteor

Quotes: "The Arrows go wherever evil is!".

Relations: Super Arrow (husband).

Mrs. Arrow large image.


Age: 19. Gender: Male.

Baba is a wild young character from the planet Giant, where the lush greens of nature are dominant all over the landscape. Baba possesses animal-like instincts and an impressive physique. His abilities as an F-Zero pilot have increased after a rigorous training program, but his attitude has become boastful and camp, he is considered arrogant by many racers on the circuit.

Ship: Iron Tiger Iron Tiger

Quotes: "I'm on fire!".

Baba large image.


Age: 30. Gender: Male.

Beastman's real name is Christopher Annex, he was raised on the planet White where an encounter with a giant space crocodile left him traumatized as a seven year old child. To overcome his mental and physical scars he adopted the persona of a beast hunter and now wears a dinosaur armored uniform. After taking care of all the beasts on his home planets he entered the F-Zero racing circuit. He is known to keep tabs on fellow racer Bio Rex, in case the beast within emerges and he becomes a danger.

Ship: Hyper Speeder Hyper Speeder

Quotes: "I fight to the death!", "The wild animals are calling!".

Beastman large image.


Age: 7. Gender: Male.

Billy is a descendant of the first monkey in space and his piloting skills are superb. Raised in a special lab, Billy was taught human reading and writing skills while scientists designed a special racing craft for him to use. At 7 years old Billy may seem young, but his species only live until around 16 so he is actually in his mid-life stage. Billy is the first monkey to enter an F-Zero GP, he learned of the event after seeing Captain Falcon on a TV commercial - his motivations seem to revolve almost entirely around the prize money.

Ship: Mad Wolf Mad Wolf

Quotes: "Money makes the world go round!", "Just bring me out the money!".

Billy large image.
Bio Rex

Bio Rex

Age: 9. Gender: N/A.

Bio Rex is a creation of the Keerlon Corporation, formed through genetic mutation research that was banned on planet Earth. Bio Rex was made using DNA from a dinosaur egg fossil but he has been trained to have higher intelligence similar to that of a human being. As the first of his kind, he was under a lot of attention from the media and forced to give interviews and many public appearances. The stress of all this scrutiny caused Bio Rex to react angrily and as a result the Keerlon Corporation distanced themselves from him. Initially he raced to prove dinosaur superiority over humans, but now his main focus is eating. Dinosaurs have a diet mainly consisting of meat, they also believe in brushing their teeth properly.

Ship: Big Fang Big Fang

Quotes: "I'll eat the lot of you!", "The Earth belongs to us!".

Bio Rex large image.
Black Shadow

Black Shadow

Age: N/A. Gender: Male.

Black Shadow is known for being a dark soul and source of untold evil. Captain Falcon has succeeded in capturing many of Black Shadow's footsoldiers and so the two are sworn enemies. Black Shadow is a wanted criminal by the Galactic Space Federation, but somehow still manages to race the F-Zero GP without much confrontation. He entered the circuit hoping to kill Captain Falcon in front of millions of viewers, but he also loves to destroy any other racers that come into his sights. He is cold-hearted and only values people if they have a purpose to serve, he has saved the life of Miss Killer several times. Black Shadow wears a horned mask which he refuses to take off, nobody has seen his face and lived to tell the tale.

Ship: Black Bull Black Bull

Quotes: "This is a victory for evil!", "Bow down before my power, Falcon!", "Domination or death!".

Black Shadow large image.
Blood Falcon

Blood Falcon

Age: 37. Gender: Male.

Blood Falcon is an almost identical clone of Captain Falcon, he was created when Black Shadow stole DNA from the Captain while hospitalized after the huge collision. His entire reason for being is to destroy Captain Falcon's reputation, in any way Black Shadow sees fit. Blood Falcon is loyal to this purpose and obeys all of Black Shadow's commands without question. In interviews, Blood Falcon seems unsure of his identity and whether or not he is fully human. He also hints that he may not be the only clone of Captain Falcon in existence. Blood Falcon appears to have no remorse for anyone he puts in the hospital and reveals he also races F-Zero in the underworld during his free time. In spite of this he has no fear of being caught by the Galactic Federation and mocks them often.

Ship: Blood Hawk Blood Hawk

Quotes: "Time for a new hero, Falcon!", "There can be only one champion!".

Blood Falcon large image.
Dr. Clash

Dr. Clash

Age: 55. Gender: Male.

Dr. Clash is among the older racers on the circuit. He spent most of his life as a genius engineer, specializing in F-Zero mechanics and design. In fact eight of the ships currently racing around the F-Zero tracks were created by Dr. Clash, who holds 17 patents on various aspects of the technology used. Having been on the sidelines for much of his life, Dr. Clash was finally able to realize his dream of being an F-Zero racer after inventing a gadget to make up for his aging, bulbous and slow physique.

Ship: Crazy Bear Crazy Bear

Quotes: "My machine is the greatest!", "I'm so happy I feel like skipping!".

Dr. Clash large image.


Age: 137. Gender: Male.

Bellonngian Draquillie, or Draq for short, is an alien who had long-standing dreams of entering the F-Zero GP after idolizing old school racers like Silver Neelsen and The Skull for many years and honing his skills by playing video games. These fanboy dreams became a reality after happening upon a pair of untagged racing machines with his co-worker Roger Buster in their day to day business as cargo pilots. The two enrolled in the Grand Prix using their new-found ships in the hope that the real owners would come forward to claim their cargo. Draq is intent on winning the GP and using the prize money to buy a legitimate ship of his own. With any leftover cash he hopes to buy more machines and open up an F-Zero museum. In his free time Draq has taken up dieting, claiming it was getting too hard to get in and out of his racing machine.

Ship: Mighty Typhoon Mighty Typhoon

Quotes: "Did I really win?", "I love this race!".

Draq large image.


Age: N/A. Gender: N/A.

Mr. EAD is an android creation of the enigmatic EAD development group (also known as Nintendo?) in Kyoto, Japan. He takes part in the F-Zero Grand Prix as a means to test his IQ and Artificial Intelligence programming. When he entered the GP of 2670 his creators were humbled by Captain Falcon's winning performance. Since then, Mr. EAD has undergone rigorous training and reworking. This time, the engineers at EAD believe if he performs as calculated, nothing can stop him from getting first place. If that happens, it means a perfect android has been formed by EAD and mass-production could soon follow.

In appearance, Mr. EAD shares several traits with Super Mario, including a large mustache, gloves, a star on his belt and a portly physique. In an interview he claims to enjoy Italian food and would one day like to wear overalls, also tying in to the Mario theme. His voice also sounds quite high and whimsical like Mario's. It's very likely the EAD monicker stands for Nintendo Entertainment Analysis & Development.

Ship: Great Star Great Star

Quotes: "It all went according to my computer program!", "My flawless performance!".

Mr. EAD large image.

Gomar & Shioh

Age: N/A. Gender: Male.

Gomar & Shioh are an animated duo from the planet Huckmine, where the indigenous race known as the Furikake are taught to forever act in pairs. As a result, these curious two have constructed an F-Zero racing vehicle in which they can both ride simultaneously. Gomar is the brains of the operation and makes all the decisions, while Shioh is more athletic in his abilities and acts on instructions given. As a pairing they are each envious of the other's natural gifts, but they are still able to get along well. They wear read scarves as a symbol of their friendship and are so in sync that they can often finish each others sentences when speaking. Shioh has a slightly unnerving obsession with money.

Initially the F-Zero Committee denied Gomar and Shioh's application due to them being two separate individuals, but the EAD Foundation appealed this and after a close vote they were allowed entry. They have piloted in the F-Zero GP ever since, but their racing careers will soon end as they're due to marry, meaning they will have new life partners.

Ship: Twin Noritta Twin Noritta

Quotes: "If you work together, you can do anything!", "Make the impossible come true!".

Gomar & Shioh large image.
Jack Levin

Jack Levin

Age: 19. Gender: Male.

Jack Levin is a former pop star who left the music industry to pursue his dream of F-Zero racing, a move which only intensified his popularity. Jack is a heart-throb with the female demographic, they will buy any of his merchandise in their droves. For all the talk of his good looks and persona, Jack's racing skills often go unmentioned.

As he was growing up, Jack was thought of as a pretty boy. When he was only four years old his father left the family home, giving Jack tremendous responsibility. Things got even worse five years later when his mother was struck down with Gonskie Flu and became confined to bed. Jack was in abject poverty for most of his childhood, until he joined a pop group and everything changed.

Officials of the F-Zero Committee were looking for a fresh young face to promote the sport to modern audiences, Jack's sisters submitted his picture and he was accepted as a new hero for F-Zero racing. This turned out to be a good business move, as merchandise like action figures, trading cards and holograms all proved profitable.

Ship: Astro Robin Astro Robin

Quotes: "Tough and good looking, just like me!", "Lady Luck is a fan of mine!", "The roar of the fans is the only incentive I need!".

Jack Levin large image.
James McCloud

James McCloud

Age: 32. Gender: Male.

James McCloud is the flight squadron leader of the Galaxy Dog, a military operations team of mercenaries. During times of peace, he found there was little work around and Galaxy Dog was running at a loss so he converted his fighter plane into an F-Zero racing machine. James is 32 years old and motivated to become an F-Zero champion because of the prize money, which he needs to support his wife and child with. If he wins, James also wants to spend part of the cash on a model racing machine for his son.

Despite a familiar surname and similar stylings, James McCloud has no official connection with the Star Fox series. It's likely the Nintendo development team gave him his green jumpsuit, white jacket and striped hair for fun and to create mystery. It's also worth noting that James' racer looks like an Arwing.

Ship: Little Wyvern Little Wyvern

Quotes: "Galaxy Dog - Mercenary for hire!", "I earned this victory!", "Friendship is a treasure that lasts a lifetime!".

Draq large image.
Jody Summer

Jody Summer

Age: 25. Gender: Female.

Jody Summer is well known for piloting combat machines and is associated with the Galactic Space Federation. She's held in such high regard that she was picked to be a spokeswoman for the Federation and also elected Miss GSF.

Growing up, Jody was the daughter of Mason Summer, famed inventor of the G-Diffusor antigravitational system. From a young age Jody was a natural athlete, competing in the Galactic Games as a teenager against more senior men and women. Other achievements include being the third person to successfully ski across the Delaney Ice Plateau on Europe Prime and climbing the perilous Olympus Mons on Mars.

As an F-Zero racer, Jody is inexperienced. During her training she learned that her father's ship had crashed in the Leonid System and he had subsequently died. From that moment on, Jody decided to race in his honor and gave her ship the title "White Cat", a nickname from her father. Jody has won the affections of John Tanaka, a mechanic who has sworn to protect her. Defiant of this, she wishes he would leave her alone. After winning a Grand Prix, the media-savvy Jody aims to busy herself with TV appearances and product endorsements. Outside of racing, she enjoys pampering herself at expensive beauty salons and spending time with family.

Ship: White Cat White Cat

Quotes: "I'd like to thank the Galactic Space Federation for their support!", "I'll take you on anytime!".

Jody Summer large image.
John Tanaka

John Tanaka

Age: 31. Gender: Male.

John Tanaka is a skilled mechanic with the Galactic Space Federation and is in the same unit as Jody Summer. In his younger days John attended the University of Io, studying under the famous Mason Summer. Working closely with the professor, he also became familiar with Jody too, with whom he has secretly fallen head over heels in love. An inventor in his own right, John created the J-love-1 flying robot (pictured).

Ever since Professor Summer died in the crash, John has taken a solemn vow to protect Jody at all costs. Being a stubbornly independent woman, Jody doesn't always welcome his guardianship. John entered the F-Zero race circuit just as a means to keep Jody safe, but if he happens to collect the prize money he intends on proposing to her and sensibly investing the rest in savings. A true engineer at heart, after a win he rewards his racing machine with a nice polish. When he's not racing, John maintains his impressive physique by playing sports and martial arts. Known on the circuit as a gentleman, John prides himself on good manners but it's suggested he has spent some time as a hermit.

Ship: Wonder Wasp Wonder Wasp

Quotes: "All my efforts paid off!", "I'll show you no mercy!", "Come help us protect the galaxy!", "Always remember to fasten your seatbelt!".

John Tanaka large image.
Kate Alen

Kate Alen

Age: 30. Gender: Female.

Like Jack Levin, Kate Alen is another pop star turned F-Zero racer. For several years Kate was chosen to perform at the Grand Prix opening ceremonies, where she was mesmerized by the event and chose to slow down her music career and turn her attentions to racing. This has proven a clever move, as her athleticism and sense of rhythm are good asssets in the F-Zero world. After four years of training she entered her first official race.

Kate grew up in a musical family and performed in the 'Alen Eleven' with her ten brothers. She was never overly eager to pursue music, but it was forced upon her and she went solo at the age of 21. With her soulful voice Kate enjoyed a string of hits, including "A Little Love Never Hurt No One" which still gets airplay today. Kate still keeps in touch with the music business and plans to record more material after winning an F-Zero GP.

Ship: Super Piranha Super Piranha

Quotes: "I'm the Prima Donna of the race circuit!", "If I'm dreaming, please don't wake me!", "Accidents are what spice up this race!".

Kate Alen large image.


Age: 16. Gender: Male.

Hailing from the wartorn planet Zou, Leon lost both his parents during a violent conflict twelve years ago. Drained by all the fighting, the good people of Zou decided to build an F-Zero machine and send Leon into the GP races as a symbol of hope.

Although he is very young, Leon's species have a few natural advantages over human beings, including sharper reflexes and keener instincts. He has previously met up with Super Arrow and Mrs Arrow while they were holidaying on his home planet, where Leon was given the chance to race against the King Meteor ship. Outside of racing, Leon is the head of an orphanage which he dedicates a lot of time to. He coaches the orphanage soccer team and has promised to build them a soccer field with any prize money he wins. His blue racing gloves were a gift from the children he looks after. Leon also plans to take up wrestling.

Like James McCloud, Leon bears a resemblance to a character in the Star Fox series, Wolf O'Donnell in this case. Any similarities are purely 'coincidental' though.

Ship: Space Angler Space Angler

Quotes: "Victory is mine!", "Catch me if you can!", "That's the power of a wild beast!", "It cuts through the wind like a knife!", "To see the smiles on the kids' faces!".

Leon large image.
Michael Chain

Michael Chain

Age: 39. Gender: Male.

Michael Chain is the leader of a racing clan known as Bloody Chain, they are based in the city of Angelopolis on Mandrill 4. He races in the F-Zero Grand Prix to represent his group and gain recognition.

Racing has been in Michael's blood from a young age. Growing up on the wrong side of the tracks, he would often have to outrun police cars in vehicles he had stolen. After his parents were killed in a drive-by shooting, Michael joined a gang for solidarity and a new type of family. Michael was able to get attention for his racing skills and worked his way up the ranks. Aside from racing, he also likes boxing and claims there's nobody he can't knock to the ground.

At one point Bloody Chain's membership exceeded 10,000 people spread across three planets, but Michael's constant failures on the F-Zero circuit has seen numbers dwindle away. Rumors are circling that if things keep going the same way the group may be disbanded soon. Michael is obsessed with gold and if he ever wins any money, he'll use it to cover his machine in gold. As a homage to his late parents, Michael listens to a mix of heavy metal and opera music while racing.

Ship: Wild Boar Wild Boar

Quotes: "Behold the power of the Bloody Chain!", "I make all the rules!".

Michael Chain large image.
Michael Chain

Mighty Gazelle

Age: 37. Gender: Male.

In his earlier days, Mighty Gazelle was actually a 3D photographer and made a good career out of selling his pictures. During his free time he would often play video games with friends, since he was so good at the racing ones he decided to try it in real life. His knack for piloting real machines was the same and he soon qualified for the F-Zero GP circuit and raced alongside his heroes Captain Falcon and Dr. Stewart.

Sadly in the huge accident four years ago Mighty Gazelle was the most seriously injured. He was inches away from death when the Cyber Stick company rebuilt him as a cyborg with upgraded reflexes, leaving very little of the man he was before. Before the tragedy Gazelle was due to be married, but when his fiance saw his new persona at the hospital she ran away and they never met again. This left his life empty and so Gazelle vowed to carry on racing F-Zero. His mechanical abilities caused controversy and protests broke out, but the committee took mercy and allowed him to enter. Being a cyborg, Mighty Gazelle no longer fears death and is able to race more freely than any other competitor.

In his free time Gazelle is a disaster rescue operative, the metal body allows him to enter dangerous situations that humans couldn't survive. He also claims to have found a new girlfriend.

Ship: Red Gazelle Red Gazelle

Quotes: "Now I'm back with a vengeance!", "A million volts of running power!", "I go where the wind takes me!".

Mighty Gazelle large image.


Age: 88. Gender: Male.

The nation of Takora is in economic ruin after its lengthy battle with the Milky Way Space Federation. A native of Takora, Octoman wants victory on the F-Zero circuit to support his children (of which there are dozens) and further aid the people of Takora through giving the rest of his winnings to the government. Octoman lives up to his name in that he possesses eight wavering tentacles, two of which are used as legs so that he can stand upright.

His racing vessel, the Deep Claw has been especially designed to accommodate his unusual body shape and capabilities. The Takoraians are a race of advanced intelligence who tend to be arrogant towards other lifeforms, so he is not one of the most popular racers, and has a long-running feud with Jody Summer whom he says harbors 'anti-octopus' feelings. Having limited funds, Octoman has at times joined the shady Dark Million organization to raise cash. After a tense race, Octoman likes to go for a massage and get his stiff shoulders tended to. Other relaxations include basking in the sun and cold sea showers. Octoman has made an appearance outside of F-Zero, in the game Star Fox Command, where he is a minor boss on the final mission.

Ship: Deep Claw Deep Claw

Quotes: "It was for the Octopus race!", "I have more arms!".

Octoman large image.
Roger Buster

Roger Buster

Age: 41. Gender: Male.

Roger is a serious man and the owner of a cargo company with the motto "No consignment too dangerous!". When two racing machines arrived for delivery with no forwarding address, Roger and his friend Draq entered into the F-Zero circuit. Although Roger is an F-Zero fan, his dedication is not as intense as Draq's and his main concern is finding the rightful owners of the machines to complete the delivery. Roger freely admits his only redeeming feature is that he never gives up. For relaxation after a race, Roger likes to hit the sauna before going for a rest. He's also known to enjoy a cold drink.

Ship: Mighty Hurricane Mighty Hurricane

Quotes: "This is no different from driving my truck!", "Draq made me do it!".

Roger Buster large image.
Silver Neelsen

Silver Neelsen

Age: 98. Gender: Male.

The oldest swinger in town, nobody has entered more F-Zero races than Silver Neelsen, he's been competing for decades and never missed a single race. For all his endeavor, he has never actually won a Grand Prix. Silver is well liked on the circuit and something of a fan-favorite due to his massive underdog status. Set in his ways, Silver Neelsen takes a dim view of newer racers with some of their gadgetry and prefers a classic approach. Some racers think that Silver should retire, and although he has considered doing so, he confesses he will probably carry on racing even after he turns 100 years old. In the seemingly unlikely event that he ever wins a Grand Prix, Silver would use the money to open a racing museum. Silver's memory is not what it used to be.

Ship: Night Thunder Night Thunder

Quotes: "Peace!", "I'm the coolest in the universe!", "We've got a lot of mileage in us yet!".

Silver Neelsen large image.
The Skull

The Skull

Age: 241. Gender: Male.

The Skull was once known as Sterling LaVaughn, a legendary F-Max Grand Prix champion. F-Max was the forerunner to F-Zero and predated it by around 200 years. Despite the bloody nature of F-Max, Sterling won countless races without suffering any injury. After a time he realized he could not go on forever, and so he made provisions to become immortal. His plan came to fruition during the Grand Finale of the F-Max GP when a catastrophic accident happened where Sterling and a number of other racers were burned alive. Thanks to science and voodoo, Sterling has been reborn as The Skull, a skeleton being that cares only for racing. The transformation has made him an even more skilled racer as he no longer fears death. He has no interest in the prize money up for grabs, but simply races for the thrill of it. In interviews, The Skull is understandably fixated with the 'netherworld'.

Ship: Sonic Phantom Sonic Phantom

Quotes: "I'm not even tired!", "I was born to be a racer!", "I've got plenty of time!", "Not even the Grim Reaper could have kept up with me!".

The Skull large image.
Super Arrow

Super Arrow

Age: 35. Gender: Male.

This modern day superhero defends peace and justice on planet Earth, looking after its inhabitants. Super Arrow entered the F-Zero circuit to chase after the wicked Zoda in an attempt to halt his reign of terror. In the old F-Zero GP Super Arrow was sponsored by many vendors, including Lazlo Falconi who supplied him with a mechanical falcon which is excellent and relaying communications. Super Arrow is relentless in the hunt for criminals, but has a definite soft spot for his wife, Mrs. Arrow. He admits that she is a better racer than him and has more experience when it comes to F-Zero. As it turns out, protecting the earth is now a well paid job and Super Arrow has taken out a 40 year loan to cover the cost of his racing machine. If he wins any prize money it will go towards paying this back. Super Arrow always keeps his anonymity by wearing a mask.

Ship: King Meteor King Meteor

Quotes: "For justice and galactic peace!", "Justice always wins in the end!".

Super Arrow large image.


Age: N/A. Gender: Male.

Zoda is equipped with an electronic device that pumps adrenaline and dopamine into his body, through this his behavior tends to be crazed and unpredictable. He has long been chased by both Super Arrow and Captain Falcon but so far eludes capture. Zoda originates from planet Uma-41 and is the leader of the Zolorkian Coalition. He is responsible for many attacks on Earth and wanted to set up a Zolorkian government there. Zoda enters the F-Zero GP each year in order to try and raise funds for his maniacal schemes.

After the Horrific Grand Finale the sport of F-Zero was forced underground. Despite this, racers adhered to the same rules and regulations to ensure safety and fair play. Zoda broke this code by modifying his racing machine beyond the accepted F-Zero formula, giving himself an unfair advantage over racers who went by the guidelines. This also resulted in an unsafe machine which overturned in one race and killed two other drivers. In his spare time Zoda reveals a keen interest in horticulture, he likes to grow flowers that kill people.

Ship: Death Anchor Death Anchor

Quotes: "My time has finally come!", "I tampered with the other racers' machines!", "I'll send the lot of you home in coffins!".

Zoda large image.
Dai Goroh

Dai Goroh

Age: 10. Gender: Male.

Dai Goroh is the only son of Samurai Goroh, and the apple hasn't fallen far from the tree. He entered his first F-Zero Grand Prix at the tender age of 10 and established himself as a pilot to be reckoned with. Due to his short stature he needs to tie wooden blocks to his feet in order to reach the pedals. Dai Goroh is also a skilled swordsman, more so than his dad. He's generally well skilled in soccer and baseball, but struggles when it comes to math. He's well known for pulling funny pranks, like placing a frog in his dad's mouth while he slept. A real handful, Samurai Goroh struggles to maintain control over his unruly son.

Despite this, Dai Goroh is immensely proud of his dad, boasting that he is the best bandit ever. His most treasured possession is an action figure modeled after Samurai Goroh. He entered the F-Zero arena in the hope of defeating Captain Falcon and making his dad proud. He doesn't follow his father in every respect though, Dai Goroh's ship the Silver Rat is in fact inspired by Antonio Guster's Green Panther. The self-centered Dai Goroh plans to spend any winnings on himself.

Ship: Silver Rat Silver Rat

Quotes: "Guts! And guts!", "I'll beat you all again!", "Are you watching, Dad?".

Relations: Samurai Goroh (father).

Dai Goroh large image.

Dai San Gen

Age: 64. Gender: Male, Female, Male.

These non-identical triplets come from the planet Shinar where the average life-span is 200 years, much longer than that of Earth people. Despite their long life, the people of Shinar never grow very big. The Shinarians are capable of telepathy, and so prefer to communicate with thought rather than their mouths. Using this skill, Dai, San and Gen have amazing teamwork capabilities when piloting their ship. The workload is delegated between them: Dai steers, San takes care of navigation and Gen operates the accelerator and brakes.

Outside of the F-Zero world, the three siblings are skilled in gymnastics which they rehearsed with the National Troupe; and Mah-jong, the classic tile game. Their uncle is a successful gambler and gave them their ship, the Pink Spider as a gift. Dai, San and Gen hope to win three or more trophies so that they may each keep hold of one for themselves. They will distribute any prize money to the people of their race.

Ship: Pink Spider Pink Spider

Quotes: "If we work together, we can do anything!", "Bring on all comers!", "Don't get us mixed up!", "Three heads are better than two!", "We are the cutest triplets in the galaxy!".

Dai San Gen large image.
Don Genie

Don Genie

Age: 65. Gender: Male.

As the head tycoon of universal traders, Don Genie is extremely wealthy and well known. With his fame and fortune, Don has become narcissistic and frowns on other human beings. Often found on the wrong side of the law, he has been arrested several times for shady business practises like trading illegal commodities such as energy and weapons. Each time he is found guilty, he has to pay a small fortune to get bail.

Don's reasons for joining the F-Zero circuit are known only to himself, but he spent a vast amount on developing his ride the Fat Shark.

Ship: Fat Shark Fat Shark

Quotes: "How much do you think I've spent on it?", "I'm used to the envy of the poorer classes!", "I've defeated more rivals than there are stars in the sky!", "This won't even pay for my cigars!".

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Lily Flyer

Lily Flyer

Age: 14. Gender: Female.

Born into a life in the Galactic Space Forces, at the tender age of 14 Lily has already seen her fair share of combat as an emergency support fighter. She's proud of her career but her membership in the forces seems mandatory and she doesn't have the freedom to leave even if she wanted to. Lily is dutiful in her training and is able to act as a soldier when called upon, despite being a little naive in other situations.

She was entered into the F-Zero Grand Prix as a way to advance her training, any prize winnings will directly to the forces. Lily's main goal is to improve her decision making under extreme pressure. In her free time she enjoys collecting knick knacks related to frogs. Her favorite food is fruit parfait but she isn't able to get it at the mess hall very often.

Ship: Bunny Flash Bunny Flash

Quotes: "I'm capable of even more than this!", "I take that as a declaration of war against the organization!".

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Age: 26. Gender: Male.

Phoenix is a space cop from the future, sent back to protect the time-space continuum from criminals who are known to jump back and cause disruptions. As well as his police work, Phoenix is a superb mechanic and created his own time machine called the Rainbow Phoenix, which also doubles as his racing machine. He also reconstructed the robot QQQ after being left idle for a period of time, QQQ is now his faithful sidekick.

In order to prepare for future missions, Phoenix first traveled back to the 20th century to take part in F-Zero races. He limited his machine to be similar to other competitors so as not to have an unfair advantage. Phoenix makes no secret that he is from the future and that he is on a mission, but he is sworn not to give any details of the future away in case of unwanted repercussions. Due to his physical appearance it's rumored that Phoenix is a descendant of Captain Falcon himself, but this has not been substantiated in any way.

Ship: Rainbow Phoenix Rainbow Phoenix

Quotes: "This is the very best 29th century technology!", "The Time Patrol is fighting to protect your lives, don't forget it!".

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Age: 35. Gender: Male.

Before his F-Zero career, PJ worked for Galaxy Cab and was regarded as one of the best taxi drivers in the universe. He earned the highest fares in the business due to his speedy style of driving, even if it was often breaking the traffic laws. Because of this he was used to getting chased by the Federation Police but quickly learned how to escape them. PJ is quoted as saying his worst passengers are either drunks or amorous couples who can't keep their hands to themselves.

Being the best driver at Galaxy Cab, PJ asked for a raise but got into an argument with the manager. He ended up being suspended from his job and turned to racing instead. He retooled his taxi cab for the challenge and hit the F-Zero circuit. While his suspension is still hanging over him, PJ races in his cabby uniform and advertises Galaxy Cab's services.

Ship: Groovy Taxi Groovy Taxi

Quotes: "I'm faster than any other racer out there!", "Speed wins the day!", "We promise you the ride of your life!".

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Princia Ramode

Princia Ramode

Age: 16. Gender: Female.

Princia Ramode hails from the Desert Kingdom on a planet called Magica, where she is a princess. Her home life consists mainly of private tutors and parties with friends. A spirited girl, her curiosity often lands her awkward scrapes. To escape tiresome life at the palace, Princia runs away with her servants on an adventure covering many other planets. While on Earth, she discovered the F-Zero races and became hooked. Her servants prepared a vehicle called Spark Moon, which utilizes all the scientific technology available back on Magica.

For some unusual reason, Princia takes a liking to Samurai Goroh, claiming never to have met anyone like him before.

Ship: Spark Moon Spark Moon

Quotes: "We never have this much fun in the Royal Palace!", "I was just lucky!".

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Age: N/A. Gender: N/A.

QQQ was a robot left discarded on a junk pile until Phoenix came along and rebuilt it. It's not known why it had been left there to rust, but its original purpose was to detect land mines and dispose of them safely. To handle this job, QQQ was equipped with a very durable, shock-resistant body. By the 29th century though it had become obsolete, despite having fairly advanced AI for its time period. QQQ is used as a partner by Phoenix for mission support when he is chasing criminals.

Before entering the F-Zero races, QQQ analyzed Captain Falcon's data and put it to good use. QQQ is also tortured with the knowledge that somewhere deep in its programming is some very important data which cannot yet be accessed. This data could allow QQQ to travel through time like Phoenix does. In his free time QQQ like to shop for free parts in order to customize both its body and the racing machine.

Ship: Rolling Turtle Rolling Turtle

Quotes: "I wanted to show I wasn't done for yet!", "As long as I have power left in my batteries!".

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Age: N/A. Gender: Male.

Spade is an oddity who has dedicated his life to entertaining others. Whether or not he is human is unknown, at birth he claims to have been put inside an orb. Spade likes to maintain his anonymity using a mask and not even other workers at the circus know what he truly looks like.

After the circus ran into hard times, Spade pledged to join the F-Zero races in order to raise money and save the circus. His racing style is highly unusual and he known to pull off amazing moves, which are very risky. His flamboyant personality means that he is unpredictable and doesn't always take races seriously, often dropping out. This has led to Spade not having a very good reputation. Away from the races, Spade takes care of his 3 year old son.

Ship: Magic Seagull Magic Seagull

Quotes: "Did you see the trick I pulled during the race?", "Not even the seasoned racers could anticipate my strategy!", "Make sure you have life insurance!".

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Age: 8. Gender: Male.

Terry Getter, nicknamed 'Digi-Boy', is a young genius that attends Einstein Institute here on earth. Terry has a strong affinity with digital devices and adorns his body with them to give him a technical edge over regular people. He uses this equipment with a high level of skill and has also developed his own machines. Digi-Boy has analyzed every F-Zero race from the past and is using the data collected to perfect his racer so that he can win.

He also has a keen interest in astronomy, which is fundamental to all his research. Unfortunately he has less success with girls, there is one in his class called Sharon but Terry's plans have so far failed to win her over.

Ship: Cosmic Dolphin Cosmic Dolphin

Quotes: "Who can beat my brains?", "I can operate it one-handed!", "Everything went according to my simulation!".

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Age: N/A. Gender: Male.

The most evil of all F-Zero racers, Deathborn makes even the likes of Black Shadow and Zoda tremble in their boots. Deathborn is the main suspect in ongoing inquiries about missing F-Zero pilots that vanished after the huge accident. Deathborn is so named because he's actually died three times, but has been revived by exchanging his body parts for mechanical ones. These replacements and augmentations have seemingly made him immortal, he also has a device inside his body which allows his to travel through space without hindrance.

Like all good maniacs, Deathborn has plans to take control of the universe. Ultimately he wants the power to decide between life and death for every star. A champion of the underground racing scene, Deathborn has never taken part in the official F-Zero circuit, instead delegating it to Black Shadow to win.

Ship: Dark Schneider Dark Schneider

Quotes: "The wings of darkness!", "You dare to challenge my supremacy? You have a death wish?", "You're all going to die!".

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